I look for a synthesis of symbolism and realism in my painting.

I love Renaissance style; it's love affair with the romantic, symbolic and concept of idealized beauty. But I’m equally excited by more contemporary painters, the aesthetics of impressionism, expressionism and realism in conveying the beauty of the everyday.

I try and get to know my sitters through sketches and conversation. I pose them with objects and artefacts relevant to their lives and practices so that the viewer is able to 'read' them, as in Renaissance portraiture. Like Holbein, I look for objects, setting or composition that have deeper symbolic meaning than outward appearance may suggest.

Asa graduated from the Kent Institute of Art & Design in 1995 and has since gone on to study at The Princes School of Drawing and Lavender Hill Studios.

Asa has shown in the Royal Society of Portrait Painters annual exhibition and been short-listed for entry in the BP Portrait competition. Asa lives and works in South East London.

Asa Medhurst Asa Medhurst Asa Medhurst
Princes Drawing School
Lavender Hill Studios